The Multi-Clicks table displays the number of times that your paid traffic is clicking on your ads, and that is regardless of any IP block. This data is essential for setting a click fraud threshold that matches the behavior of your traffic.

Usually, we see that normal visitors only need a few paid ad clicks for a conversion. However, spammers will click many times with no intention of buying. This table allows you to set a Click Fraud Threshold that blocks all the spammers without jeopardizing your genuine traffic.

The Multi-Clicks table is available in your dashboard under Fraud Analytics > Google/Facebook Ads > Multi-Clicks.

For example: If 95% of your traffic is only clicking 2 times on your paid ads, there is no reason to allow users to click 10 times and waste your budget. In this case you could set your threshold to 3 clicks in 30 days to block anyone that is clicking excessively.

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