If you are looking to have ClickCease protect and block IPs in only some of your campaigns but not in others, you can have the latter being excluded from protection on your dashboard.

A campaign that is protected means that ClickCease is auto-blocking all of the fraud that this campaign is facing and not allowing those pesky fraudsters to commit more damage.

An excluded campaigns means that ClickCease is only monitoring fraud on this particular campaign and will not make any blocks. We recommend protecting ALL campaigns, but we give you the option to do whatever you please.

To include or exclude a campaign from protection, log in to your dashboard and go to Domain Settings > Manage Auto IP Blocking:*

Click on the desired campaign, and click on Send to Exclusion List or Send to Protected List, according to your desire.

  • Update Campaigns: click here to save the changes you made on the Protected/Excluded campaigns list.

  • Refresh Campaigns: click here to refresh your campaigns list.

*Please note that if you're using Advanced Mode, your campaigns will be presented there as well as an Excluded Campaigns Group will be presented.

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