Sophisticated fraudsters often change their IP address, and try to fool your analytics by pretending to be a different user in each visit. Due to a regulation set by Google, it is impossible to block a device. However, in order to overcome that obstacle, we detect a device by its ID.

Whenever a certain device will visit your landing page through your paid ads, ClickCease assigns a unique Device ID Fingerprint to it, whether it's a Computer, Smartphone or Tablet.

This ID can not be altered under any circumstances and remains constant. It does not rely on cookies because cookies can be easily deleted. Based on that device ID we can detect all new IPs that come from the specific device.

This fingerprint is comprised of many different elements of the device (brand, model, screen size, update time, fonts, colors etc.). After all those elements are put together, no two devices will be identical. This allows us to track repeat offenders who are switching their IPs and mitigate any damage that they can do.

If a fraudulent activity will be detected from the same device, even though changing IPs, ClickCease will block each IP that the fraudulent device used.

Note: To have this capability enabled, make sure that the ClickCease tracking code has been added to your landing pages.

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 chat support.

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