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Google Ads allows its users to target their ads per geographic locations. For example, if you want your ads to be shown only in the USA, you can use this option.

This works for the most part. However, many advertisers are still getting clicks outside of their targets areas even with Google ads own geolocation exclusion settings:

Therefore, we've created the Block IPs By Country in the ClickCease dashboard as a second layer of protection for your ads, and it should be used as such.

Your primary way of only showing ads in certain countries should still be set via Google Ads.

How does it work exactly?

The Block IPs By Country feature checks the geographical origin of each click. If the click comes from a country that is currently excluded, that IP address will be blocked on its first click instantly. By doing so, the IP will be prevented from seeing and by extension continue to click on your ads and drain your advertising budget.

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