There are several reasons for not seeing data in your dashboard.

In general, your first indication for whether your Google or Facebook Ads accounts are properly linked to ClickCease is the domain information summary on the main dashboard.

If your domain status shows as Protected but you do not see data, contact our 24/7 support team and they will further check your account.

Other things you can self-check in this scenario:

  1. You have yet to install the tracking code to your landing pages and the tracking template to your Google Ads account.

    Both can be found in your ClickCease dashboard under Domain Settings > Domain Tracking Setup.

  2. You might have installed a template on the campaign level. This overrides the installation of the ClickCease template in the account level and could account for a discrepancy in clicks. Please remove that template (or merge it with our own template- see our article about merging templates).

  3. You don't have any active campaigns/ads on the linked Google Ads account.

  4. You are running call-only campaigns. This type of ads cannot be monitored because the clicker is transferred to a phone number instead of a landing page.

  5. The time zone set on your ClickCease account is not aligned with the time zone set on your Google Ads account. To change that, go to Account > Account Settings, and select the desired time zone.

  6. When you originally signed up, you misspelled your domain's name. This will prevent clicks from showing up in your dashboard. Contact our support team via chat/email and we will help you.

  7. You are looking at a time frame/range in which clicks were not monitored.

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